Real Foods

Real Foods, Blanco, TX
I hope the gift boxes got you more retail business. Everyone said the grapefruit was WOUNDERFULL and all gone in 2 weeks.
Sherri Stockman

Jim and Natalie Willson

G and S Groves
Your fruit seems to taste better than last year. The family looks forward to getting the box of fruit and the girls enjoy opening the box. They divide the oranges and grapefruit. Jim and I get the delicious Rio Red grapefruit. By the way the oranges are delicious also.
Jim and Natalie Willson, Battle Ground, WA

Nancy Sanders

Sent: Tuesday, December 14, 2004 10:54 PM
Subject: Re: Fw: Invoice 22641102997131 From gandsgroves

Great! I’ll be delighted for our cold-weather relatives to be able to enjoy some of that great south Texas fruit over the Christmas holidays. Also, I didn’t answer about the lime question….please just substitute what you normally would when something is in shortage. I’m sure it will all be good.

Thanks, Nancy Sanders

P.S. We have a son attending (and playing basketball) down at UTPA Edinburgh….we’ll be there next week to see a couple of games, and hoping to come by your store to get some fruit to take back home with us.
See you then!

David Blackwell

Hello from chilly Virginia,
Just a note to let you know our two boxes of grapefruit arrived in perfect condition. Thanks to all who make it happen. See you next year.
David and Maureen Blackwell

Glad to hear it. I was a little worried.

Thanks for the update. Please put us down for 2 boxes at the end of the season, whenever that is. We have cooler space and can extend our season. The grapefruit we are enjoying now are some of the most intensely flavorful, dense and luscious fruit we have eaten. Thank you for the fruit!

David Blackwell

On Thursday, January 06, 2005 9:18 AM David Blackwell worte: “Tell Jylaine, Thanks for the limes. Fruit arrived yesterday in good shape. We will reorder in about a month.”

Jim & Brenda De Witt

To G and S Groves,

Thank you so much for the gorgeous fruit from the Rio Grande Valley!! We are enjoying it thoroughly. Jim and I both love the Rio Reds!!. We enjoyed our contact with you and the fruit presentation.

Jim & Brenda De Witt, Cleveland, OH

Jane’t and David Speich

Dear Deborah,

We will be watching for those charges. Happy New Year to you and your family. We want to let you know how pleased the receivers of the Citrus boxes were. All said the fruit was superb! We look forward to using you again this next Christmas.

Have a great year

Jane’t and David Speich

Shayla Fleshman

Thanks Debbie.

I really appreciate it all. Everyone loved the fruit. Please send everyone my love.


Mark Adkins

Mark Adkins ordered with us for the first time in November 2004. He had heard about us from several sources. He mentioned that he had previously bought citrus through Pittman & Davis and that he would only order from us again if our fruit tasted good.

I spoke with Mark again this afternoon (1/20/2005). He reordered and said our fruit was great. Incidentally, he said he was disappointed with Pittman Davis this year, because all their Texas fruit went to the east coast and he got California fruit

Martha Diehl


I wanted to tell you that my aunt loves the grapefruit. She’s wintered in Florida for a number of years, and couldn’t believe how large and juicy your grapefruit is!

All the best,

Martha Diehl

Dolores Merrell


From: Deborah Strohmeyer

To: G and S Groves,

Spoke with Dolores Merrell this past afternoon. She said that our fruit was the best she’s ever had.

Amanda Zemikow

G and S Groves,

Thank-you, We are always a little weary about the internet shopping, this is a great company and I have told everyone about it. My parents loved the fruit so much that I had to order it again for them and I am sure it won’t be the last. Thanks again.


Charlotte & Ken Swade

G and S Groves.

We recently recieved as a gift from, friends living in Texas, a box of oranges and grapefruits from your Grove. We had a grapefruit with our dinner right after they arrived and were very pleased with it. We raise vegetables ourselves and know the value of organic grown. Again we must write and state how pleased we are with the fruit.

Charlotte & Ken Swade

Mike Young


Thanks for finding thatnout. I don’t want to send another box to them. I wonder if they were the ones I tried to send the first time. If you’ve already sent them, that is ok. If not, please send me a box to my home in Houston, TX 77057. I haven’t tried them but some of my friends have called and said they are wonderful. If you need to reach me you can call me at my home phone.



Richards,Thomas C


Thank you and you’re welcome! Glad the trees and fruit are fine!! We look forward to receiving what some Japanese have referred to as “food with a face.” We grow–south of Duluth in Carlton–and have marketed small quantities of organic produce ourselves. Til next time. –Tom Richards

P.S. -25 to -30 F predicted for the end of the week up here in the Northland; good we have adequate insulating snow cover!

Pam Walker

Hi, Deborah,

I’ve been out of town, and just got your written message that you don’t accept American Express. I’ll mail you a check. Also, I want to thank your dad for sending another shipment at no charge to Catherine Korda & Andrew Johnson, my daughter-in-law and
son who live in Chicago. That’s very thoughtful! He didn’t need to do that!

I truly appreciate it. The shipments that came to me before Christmas were truly excellent! We’re still enjoying them, and I hope to buy more from your dad when I’m down in the Valley for a conference at the end of January.

Again, many thanks, and happy new year!

Pam Walker
Houston, TX

Mary J McDaniel

I received my order of oranges and grapefruit yesterday around noon.
They are delicious. Where should I send my payment?

Mary J McDaniel

Tora Gritzka

On November 16, 2004 Tora Gritzka wrote:

Hi Debra,

We enjoy G & S Groves’ citrus every year, and we are looking forward to our 36 lbs. of grapefruit Dec. 1. Thank you and have a great holiday season!


On December 21, 2004 Tora wrote:

Thank you so much for getting the grapefruit here so quickly! I had it in time for my brunch, and everyone enjoyed it. Have a wonderful holiday season. I’m sure I’ll be talking with you again. Thank you again for all the work you put into this order.