When the owners first learned about potential drug interaction with grapefruit juice, their first reaction was disbelief. But, they keep asking questions and reading articles about the drug/ grapefruit juice interaction. There was a lack of good information backed by a good medical study. Today, a web site www.druginteractioncenter.org, titled “Center for Food Drug Interaction Research and Education” gives the best summary that they have found. The site gives a look at the interaction problem, and despite popular belief most prescription drugs do not show a clinically relevant interaction. The site also gives a list of drugs and the potential interaction with grapefruit. Below is a quote from the web site:

“Grapefruit juice appeared on the food-drug interaction radar in the late 1980s when scientists discovered that it contains natural substances that can affect the way certain prescription medications are broken down (metabolized) by an enzyme, known as CYP3A4.

If a person drinks grapefruit juice and takes one of these drugs orally, more of the drug may enter the bloodstream than would have under normal circumstances. This means that grapefruit juice has the potential to enhance the absorption of these certain prescription drugs.

The extent of a potential interaction with grapefruit juice will vary from drug to drug, and person to person, depending on many factors, including individual genetics and the characteristics of the particular medication.

While research on drug interactions with grapefruit juice is ongoing, this Web site provides the most current research available on the topic. Scientists and clinical researchers that are experts on the topic agree on the following facts:

While some prescription medications may interact with grapefruit juice, most do not.

For patients taking medications known to interact with grapefruit juice, there generally are non-interacting, alternative medications that offer safe treatment with no need to discontinue drinking grapefruit juice.

All studies reported support that it is safe to consume grapefruit juice while taking over-the-counter medication.

Patients should consult with their pharmacist or doctor if they have any questions about their prescription medication(s).”
We are providing this information to you so that an informed decision can be made on your consumption of grapefruit or grapefruit juice. G and S Groves is not responsible for your use of or the interaction of drugs with either grapefruit or grapefruit juice. The customer should contact his or her physician with any questions specific to their condition, and before altering any part of their treatment regimen.