This website and our farm operations are dedicated to George and Elizabeth Strohmeyer, pioneers and farmers by necessity on the present site of farming in McAllen, Texas. Although they planted numerous crops and had a variety of livestock though the years, their ongoing dream was to have a citrus grove. They actually planted a grove in the early 1930’s only to have it wiped out by drought late in that decade. Financially they were never able to recover enough to replant the grove. In 1994 their dream got a second chance through their son, David, as that is when the current grove was planted.

This son, David, who was born in the present farm house, bought the family farm in 1967 and in those early years because of active duty commitments with the Air Force, had someone else do the crop farming. Even after David left military service this pattern of farming continued. Then with retirement looming and feeling a need for something to occupy his time, David decided to have a grove planted. The grove care was hired out until late 2006 when David, his wife, Beverly and their son, David II and his wife, Bonnie took over the complete operations. They also purchased another parcel of land with an established grove to add to this operation.