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Check Your Citrus Upon Arrival

One reason our fruit is so delicious is its high sugar content. No matter how freshly picked, a piece of fruit occasionally spoils in transit while it “incubates” in a dark box where the air doesn’t circulate. Please contact us, and we will immediately replace any damaged or spoiled fruit on a one time basis.

If you receive oranges they may look greener than the oranges in the supermarket. However, don’t be fooled. The fruit is organic and has not been processed in any way. We do not wax, gas, or put our fruit into a hot room. The fruit is fully ripe on the inside. We leave all of our fruit on the trees until the sugars have set and the fruit has passed government inspections. But, the biggest inspectors are David and Beverly. When picking and packing, David and Beverly will sample the fruit. If the ones they sample are not good, we don’t ship fruit from that picking.

Courtesy: Deborah Strohmeyer

Storing your citrus

Wash the fruit and dry it thoroughly.
Store it in a refrigerator or other cool location, ideally separate the pieces. Paper towels make good separators
Your cirtus should keep for four or more weeks.

Courtesy: Deborah Strohmeyer

Freezing Grapefruit Juice

To freeze grapefruit juice, squeeze the juice from the fruit, making sure not to press the oil from the rind. For each quart of juice, sweeten with two tablespoons of sugar, or pack without sugar. For better keeping quality and flavor, add 1/2 teaspoon of ascorbic acid to each quart of juice. Seal tightly and freeze immediately.

From Freezing Fruits and Vegetables by Babs Felix, Arizona Daily Star, Wednesday, February 5, 2003